Our club is in a quiet park in the South East of London, England.
We are an outdoor club, founded in 1968, and now have mixed membership.
We have a full programme of summer fixtures and club competitions. more...
We welcome new members, it does not matter if you have never played lawn bowls - 
 just send your contact details and we will get back to you.

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By pre-booking with Bob D.
Call on Sunday 14th June 2.00pm to 4.00pm for sessions on Tuesday and Thursday

Please read this notice below before booking: (copy here)


Bowls England Coronavirus Guidance can be found at www.bowlsengland.com/coronavirus-guidance/.

Whilst restrictions on playing are in place we have introduced a rink booking system.  Please note that only 2 unrelated people may play on any one rink. The green is open for those members wishing to have a socially distanced roll-up, under Government and Bowls England regulations.

All sessions MUST be pre-booked.

Booked sessions should be cancelled if not required, to free up the rink for other users.

Sessions are 2 hours long with a buffer of 30 minutes between sessions, to comply with Bowls England guidelines.

Sessions times are:

                    10.00pm - 12.00pm,           12.30pm - 2.30pm

                    3.00pm - 5.00pm                5.30pm - 7.300pm

Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your allotted session time, and finish promptly at the end of your session.

Personal Safety Guidance

DO NOT go to the club if you experiencing any coronavirus symptoms or any cold or flu like  symptoms

Dress appropriately before you go to the club – no changing facilities available. Change your shoes immediately before or after the game.

Travel to the green on your own or with family members only – DO NOT offer lifts or accept lifts to the Club.

DO NOT arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of the allotted booking time.

Take any food or drink you might need with you.

Wash & sanitise your hands and equipment (including bowls, jacks & mats) before and after you play. DO NOT assume that the person before has sanitised the equipment thoroughly

Sanitise padlocks, keys and door handles before and after use.


Playing the Game

Only play with people from your household or by yourself, or as long as you stay 2 metres apart from one other person from outside your household.

DO NOT shake hands before, after or during a game.

Only one player should handle the jack. 2 jacks to be used (one each end)

If scoring social distancing must be adhered to. DO NOT touch the opponent's bowls with your hands.  Avoid measuring for shot.

When you have finished playing, change shoes and leave club immediately – ensuring that you have   sanitised all equipment used, picked up any rubbish, and leave the club secure if applicable    


Over 70’s and vulnerable people

The advice for clinically vulnerable groups remains the same, if you are in this group you are advised to stay at home as much as possible, if you do go out take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household. If you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, the guidance is that you should remain at and exercise at home.

Safety Guidance

Phone booking system – times to be strictly adhered to, Only arrive 10 mins before start of play and leave on time.

Keep 2 metres apart at all times.

Changing rooms are not available, only change shoes on site.

Play will only be on alternate designated rinks.

Maximum of 6 players – 2 to each rink.

No spectators/visitors to be allowed

Sanitiser will be available for cleaning of hand and equipment before and after playing.

All rubbish – players must take any rubbish sway with them. Do not put in the club’s bins.

Only essential equipment to be used to minimise risk from infection

Mat,  Bowls, Jack, Rink Markers

Scorecards (used by one person only if required)

Bowling lifter (for use by one person)

The information about our fixtures on this website and on the calendar remain for reference only.

*NEW* - See the keeping fit videos from Bowls England:

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